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Homemade Favorites


The following are a few recipes that I eat at home that take a minimal amount of time to make and offer strong nutritive value.

Banana Soup

Banana soup is a family recipe that my mother has made for my siblings and me in the past. This simple recipe consists of bananas, bread, milk, and sugar. Although simple, banana soup has a large amount of nutrients. Additionally, all of the ingredients come from different food groups. Thus this diversity helps fulfill the daily requirements for dairy, grains, and fruit intake. Additionally, all of the ingredients are inexpensive, making banana soup a very cost-effective food. You can eat banana soup at any time in the day, but I prefer it as an afternoon snack.


1 Banana

2 Slices of bread (white or wheat will work)

1 cup of milk

1 teaspoon of sugar


Rip each slice of bread into about eight pieces, and place them in a cereal bowl. Slice a banana over the bread into the bowl, and then pour the milk over everything. Lastly, put the sugar on top of everything, and it is ready to eat.

Nutrition facts (for wheat bread, 1% milk, granulated sugar, and a medium banana):

Calories: 350

Total fat: 4.0g

Total carbs: 68g

Protein: 15g

Egg Sandwich

A homemade egg sandwich is certainly not an original recipe, but it provides a much more healthful alternative to eating one from McDonalds. In my egg sandwiches, I prefer to remove the yolks, which concentrates the protein and removes a large amount of fat. Like banana soup, this simple recipe mixes different food groups, making it very nutritious.


2 large eggs

1 thin slice of ham (optional)

1slice of cheese (your choice of type)

1 English muffin


Fry the two eggs to your liking. Cut the English muffin in half and place the fried eggs in the muffin. If you would like to include ham, you can either cut the slice into pieces and mix them into the eggs while they fry, or you can place the slice on top of the eggs inside the sandwich. Place the cheese inside the sandwich along with a little bit of salt, and the sandwich is finished.

If you would like to include only egg whites, let the egg lay in the frying pan for a minute to let the white slightly solidify, then gently remove the yolk and discard it.

Nutrition Facts (for a wheat English muffin, eggs with yolks, American cheese, and smoked ham)

Calories: 386

Total fat: 22g

Total carbs: 26g

Protein: 20g

Both of these recipes take only a few minutes to make, cost only few dollars, and have excellent nutritive value. What more could you ask for?

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