This blog is being run by a group of 4 current Penn State University Park students to complete a final project for their freshman english class.  The blog’s goal is to inform University Park students (predominately males) of the cheap, healthy options available to them both on and off campus in an effort increase awareness about the problem of unhealthy eating habits developed by state college students.


Ryan Henrici: Ryan grew up outside of King of Prussia, PA living with his grandparents, parents, and 2 siblings. His grandfather was a first generation American-Italian, so food and cooking were very important in the household. Starting at a young age, Ryan’s grandfather made it his mission to teach him how to cook in order to become, as his grandfather would put it, “un uomo raffinato.” Ryan was also a member of a US National Swim Team during his 4 years in high school and, as a result, learned to apply some of the knowledge his grandfather imparted to sports nutrition. However while now studying here at Penn State, Ryan has had to adapt and writes about the tips and tricks he has learned to eat healthy and stay on top of his game while on a limited budget.

Jake Bear:  Jake grew up in Lancaster County, PA, the center of Pennsylvania’s Amish Country.  Growing up surrounded by some of the nation’s finest home-style cooking unfortunately did not correlate to the same delicacies in the household.  His mother’s cooking is restricted to the limited palates of his father, brother, and admittedly himself.  Yet he still managed to develop an appreciation for fresh produce, corn purchased from a wagon, and the famous whoopie pie.  While he attempts to eat healthy and gets much exercise, Jake’s acquired taste for home-style cooking tends to inhibit even the most earnest attempts at dieting.

Victor Cotton: Victory is from Hershey, PA, and is in the BS/MBA program at Penn State. In his free time likes to play basketball and work on his truck. On the weekends Victor works on his family’s farm in York County, where they take care of over 300 acres of corn and soybeans. Every summer, they grow, harvest by hand, and eat their own sweet corn. Thus, Victor has an interesting point of view on food production; having watched it grow from seed to table.

David Mattson: David began growing up in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and was probably destined for NHL greatness before he was shunted away from his Norwegian-descended relatives to a land of rain and tea, which wasn’t really English until the British East India Company started importing it from China in the 17th Century (Shakespeare wouldn’t have heard of it). After his NHL dreams were crushed at 4, he had to look for other pursuits, none of which included cooking. Food has always been checkpoint to go through before moving on (imagine how much more that humans could have accomplished without the need to eat multiple times per day), but he knows how useful food and cooking are as tools. While you read through his supremely great posts, remember that healthy doesn’t mean wealthy, although Sidney Crosby made $9 million in 2011.

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